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Rachel Webster as Eileen. Parents Guide: Was this review helpful to you? Bridget Turner as Alice.

danny pink doctor who imdb blink

Anguished, Clara hugs Danny, who remains motionless. The Cybermen bow. Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto Jones. Seeing the Doctor panicking, Missy asks him if he can trust himself with this kind of power; if he can stay morally pure. She is hands down one of my favorite companions of the show and this episodes exemplifies that ten- fold.

Anthony Flanagan as Orin Scannell.

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Iain Glen as Father Octavian. Also, the Doctor going back to influence Danny's timeline makes him feel less interesting than he could've been had he just been a soldier with an bad past. She tells what she thinks is just a drone that the Doctor will come for her, but Danny states he will not come.

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danny pink doctor who imdb blink

Matthew White as Phillips. That made it all the creepier.

danny pink doctor who imdb blink

Sign Up. Oh yes, and a really silly, supermarket-toy robot.

danny pink doctor who imdb blink

Richard E. Missy says she wants to show him that they are not so different; after all these centuries of fighting each other, she wants to rebuild their friendship. First of all, "Listen" legitimately scared me, which is something NuWho does not do very often. When Moffat gets it wrong, it does begin to fall apart. He declares he is not a good man, nor a bad man, nor a hero, nor a president, nor an officer as Danny had described him.

danny pink doctor who imdb blink

Writer, and show runner, Steven Moffat has provided quality story here, and director Douglas Mackinnon and the cast have wonderfully delivered it to our screens; a great episode for those of us who like a few good scary moments in the series. Simon Callow as Charles Dickens.

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The Doctor Jenna Coleman... Barnaby Edwards as Dalek Operator. I think it's safe to say that Listen is just typical Steven Moffat writing, a collaboration of clever ideas that play on your everyday experiences and emotional narratives involving interesting characters and situations.