Who owns food for life baking company

In other cases, we use more than 18 grains and seeds from all over the world in a single loaf of bread, so you can benefit from the most nutrient rich, wholesome products out there.

To craft truly wholesome baked goods that specifically cater to helping health aware people who understand the needs of their bodies live life to the fullest.

Comments 21. Since this product is not fortified with additives, we can draw no other conclusions for the basis of its nutritional value and flavor. So Food for Life sees the brand as fulfilling a specifically religious purpose, as well as a nutritional one? Food for Your Life.

who owns food for life baking company

What was it like to take a recipe found in the bible and to turn it into an actual, marketable product? We were immediately convinced of the nutritional value of this unique yet timeless bread.

Listen to our new Food For Life Jingle! Food for Life also has a Genesis 1: Though Food For Life has no religious affiliation, we are ever-anxious to serve our customers. From Our Family to Yours. Yes, of course, some haveā€¦ the Kashruth kosher supervision, Kof-K of Teaneck, NJ as well as other religious communities and organizations have generated support for Ezekiel bread.

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Did you run into any obstacles? Your browser does not support the audio element. We take the time to sprout the grains in most all of our products to release nutrients that would otherwise remain dormant.

How did you go about choosing the ingredients for this product? As bakers and believers in scripture, we felt it necessary to produce the nutritious bread described in Ezekiel 4: Was this cereal destined to be? Sounds great! With a recipe inspired by the corresponding biblical passage, Ezekiel 4: Perhaps, you never know what is coming next! Surprisingly, we receive that very question quite often.

who owns food for life baking company

Ezekiel 4: With a recipe inspired by the corresponding biblical passage , Ezekiel 4: He started to become more aware of his body and his health, and very passionate about understanding the intricacies of food.

Have religious groups generated any particular interest in the p roduct?

who owns food for life baking company

Does Food for Life have any upcoming plans for additional varieties of biblical food?