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A blog writer might like it when you link to their blog in yours, and will retweet a post where you tag them. Your name. If you want to talk about a publicly-traded company on Twitter, here's a bit of shorthand you should try out. Clicks on the image or other media you post, clicks to expand the full tweet, clicks of the link, and clicks on your profile all contribute as well. Here are my tips, in no particular order.

They first popped up in mid-2007 as a way to track particular trends or memes on Twitter. Impressions are good as a benchmarking system.

You can still ask to follow them, but again, their tweets are private.

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #11

On top of this, a tweet is shown in the feeds of the followers of anyone who retweets your tweet. June 3 2016. How to use higher-order functions with Option instead of match expressions.

Tom Simonite Tom Simonite. Your tweet was featured as a screenshot in a video or image compilation , like the many, many Twitter dumps on Imgur. If I go to your Twitter profile and hammer the F5 key a hundred times, I would be adding a hundred impressions to the tweets that load. You can see them in your own analytics, but no one else can see the impressions a given tweet has gotten.

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On Twitter, $ Is the New #

Pin 1. Assuming it's not just me who doesn't get the meaning of Twitter icons, I thought I'd share this quick list of the current Twitter icons and their meanings. The dollar sign is just an extension of this.

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