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A coaster is thoroughly tested before being cleared for public use, and all the rides receive regular maintenance to keep them in top working order.

Roller Coasters

You should start slow, and don't go on any terrifying rides first. Don't watch. Your vision should also sharpen and you'll be ready for action. Superar o Medo de Montanhas Russas. If you are creating your first model, it will be easier to design a steel roller coaster first, as this will take less time to put together. Even if you don't know both of the people in your row, just having other bodies next to you might help you feel more comfortable!

roller coaster wikihow home

Launch sections. Co-Authored By:. If you feel scared once the coaster gets going, yell loudly, which is totally normal! Try to watch YouTube videos on anything you think you may go on to see if they seem tame enough for you. Then it's probably best if you don't ride the roller coaster.

If you are very high, then you should consider the front or back. Older wooden coasters are perfect for those who want to try out coasters without getting too scared. For example, a log flume or a kiddie ride if you have a child with you. Going with someone who spouts the facts about the coaster can ease your tension. While going down a drop, take a deep breath, hold it, and crunch your stomach tightly - it will lessen your butterflies.

Look at your watch.

roller coaster wikihow home

A Anonymous Apr 8, 2017. Listen to and follow any safety precautions that are given before getting on the roller coaster. If you really don't want to go, back out, they'll understand.

roller coaster wikihow home

Some people will experience motion sickness while they are on a roller coaster.