Minecraft how to use mine imator

minecraft how to use mine imator

Retrieved from " https: Reception Edit The program has been highly praised for being a well functional program and being capable of much more than has been seen. Due to this I spent most of the summer trying to work around YoYoGames' bugs and I still am to this day, and hopefully the idea to officially release a relatively bug-free version of this beast in 2014 will be realized. During this time I didn't have a fixed date planned and just said "2014" when someone asked. Studio games had never been tested on this scale, EVER.

minecraft how to use mine imator

I knew GameMaker: Mine-imator was long in conception before it's first beta version. During the summer I experimented with generating 3D models from schematics in GameMaker , and later decided that this could be implemented into Mine-imator to create some effects like the Pyro's flame thrower.

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Version 1. In late 2013, I picked up Mine-imator again and decided to upgrade it to GameMaker: Mine-imator is a 3D animation software created by David Norgren back in August 21st, 2012. Huge schematics could be imported lightning fast and graphics were rendered much more efficiently due to Studio's improved 3D.

minecraft how to use mine imator

Implementing this was of course no easy task, and as such pushed the release even deeper into 2014, much to the dismay of some.

I was overwhelmed by the amount of downloads and feedback as the Note Block Studio or any earlier project had never had this level of success.


I release a demo with some missing features at the promised date I'm a man who keeps his promises but one thing became evident and my doubts about GameMaker: Custom Transitions. I also realized GameMaker: Trails Effect. This project failed as well due to a lack of minigame ideas. Sign In Don't have an account?

Since the program was very simple and the controls were crude, the end result were choppy, short movements as shown in Meet The Spy In Minecraft. It's not that magical, you can't directly rip items and models from a mod.

minecraft how to use mine imator

It has been recieving slight negativity for not being able to emulate the graphical capability of most other animation programs. Sign In Now.

Sign In Sign Up. I wanted the program to support a keyframe based system and multiple characters, as well as a resize-able interface.

Work continued throughout 2012, with slightly more features being added, perhaps most notably the long requested bendable arms.

minecraft how to use mine imator

Early 2012.