John blaze fat joe lyrics whats luv

Chris Brown. Firewater 72.

Fat Joe - John Blaze Lyrics

Hustlin' 3. Off The Books Explicit.

john blaze fat joe lyrics whats luv

My World Featuring Big Punisher 66. French Montana.

john blaze fat joe lyrics whats luv

Fat Joe - Flow Joe 767,468 views. Fat Joe - Success 154,187 views. Buck 50. We Thuggin Remix ' feat. Heavyweights 2.

Fat Joe - John Blaze Lyrics & Traduction

Raekwon My son cool out what don't beef yo, throw the tool out Let's run these niggaz, kidnap they work, make em move out Crushed hash, hands is like glass, keep the heat in the dash, did some dirt for some work, caught a gash The flicker blocker, wicked sneaker rocker footwear Strike me out God, stackin up joints, rack em like Footlocker This is raw, raw like fuck kid, represent Here to Crenshaw, hold my words stronger than a Benz stall Relentless, the anthology consolidated with the quickness, dress up in the wig and blouse, killer sickness Lex, imagination large, gold cards Beat the bogus squad brains that connect put on the Older God Specialist, iciclist, Woolridge collar Feelin the rich, work for every dollar don't snitch, that's why broke niggaz who got heart God, sign em up Start the wind up, we John Blazin, Don up in the line up Chorus Verse Five: I fire one in your knot and watch your whole fuckin head turn You best learn to parlay, I've had a hard day Fuck around with the Don and get John Blazed Chorus 2X Writer s: Don't Trip.

She's My Momma [Clean] 29. Make It Rain Single 64. Hardcore, like shit you get, kicked out the yard for 'Kiss ain't the cops, but I lock niggaz up You could meet me in my cell I soak and sock niggaz up Far as the flow go, you could let your dough show.

john blaze fat joe lyrics whats luv

My 44 59. Wats Luv? We Thuggin Feat. Money Showers.

"John Blaze" lyrics

The Symphony. Another Round.

john blaze fat joe lyrics whats luv

Gradur Sheguey 12.