How to spot meter in photography

Developing Blog Content as a Photographer: However, if you're shooting into the light or against a light or dark background, the results can be under- or overexposed for more on using light, read See the light like a pro: Request Info.

Spot Meter For Better Portraits

If you want to learn these more specifics portraiture fundamentals before diving in, consider investing in NYIP's portrait photography course. It's not always easy to get the exact light level you want using exposure compensation.

how to spot meter in photography

Geoff Maxwell. Pretty nifty, huh? For subjects such as portraits where you want control over the depth of field, it's easiest to use Aperture Priority A mode, which enables you to control the aperture selection. How to photograph the moon How to photograph at night without a tripod. The Ins and Outs Next Post.

How to use spot metering for more accurate exposures

Photo Snack — Basics of Posing. As with all metering systems, the exposure you're given will be based on a mid-tone. Metering Live View Photography. Useful Photography Tip 180: How to use spot metering for more accurate exposures Posted by Jeff Meyer Nov 25, 2016 0. About Us: For complete control, use spot metering.

how to spot meter in photography

Spot metering is shown by a small dot in the centre of the metering display. Polular Articles.

DSLR Camera Basics

The beauty of photography is that there is always something new to master. Spot metering is a great camera feature that can save your exposure if you are shooting a subject against a dark or light background. Spot metering requires a little more effort than matrix metering but can give much better results. Here's how it's done... Metering Viewfinder Photography A metering sensor. The trick is to position the test area over the correct part of the subject.

This is the tricky part.

how to spot meter in photography