How to make thread earrings loop

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how to make thread earrings loop

Place the beaded endpin loop into the ear wire loop and then close the ear wire loop. This is how you make a simple wire loop.

Do It Yourself Accessories: Loop Tassel Earrings in Five Easy Steps

The tip is where you place the wire to make the loop. Click here to read more….

DIY Loop Tassel Earrings - Maria Antoinette TV

There are many different types of ear wires to use. Earring findings available in most crafts stores and in crafts dept of department stores.

DIY Hoop Earrings

Use your chain nose pliers to squeeze down the newly cut tip of your wrap wire to make it lie nice and flat, with no sharp edge sticking out. Choose the string for your loop and make a single knot at your measurement marks and add a drop of Bead Fix adhesive it dries quick , and start the wrapping process.

how to make thread earrings loop

Oh these are gorgeous! In this photo she is sporting a pair made with green glass beads — they are for her casual outfits.

How to Make Elegantly Simple Drop Earrings

I am amazed at it all!!! Choose a third complementary embroidery string, make a single knot and add a dot of Bead Fix adhesive. This popup will close in: With the fingers of your free hand, hold the headpin tail wire. Furniture Makeover: Wrap the headpin tail all the way around the top jaw of your pliers one time, to create a full loop with a long tail going off to the side.

The ends of your first string should be exposed equally on both sides.

how to make thread earrings loop

I will post about it when I get home. I even made a few pairs for myself.

Matching Silk Thread Tassel Earrings

Continue wrapping the headpin tail onto the headpin stem to make a total of about 3 nice, neat wraps. Edit Related wikiHows.

how to make thread earrings loop

She has been contributing to craft articles on wikiHow since 2007. Final Step: Home New? Hi Lisa — thanks. Unwind your first embroidery string. I needs too spend some ime learning mych more or undersanding more.

how to make thread earrings loop