How to make fondant figures for cakes

This was one of the last figures I made for my 2010 show cake. Thank you so much for the time and effort you have given to do this for total strangers!

how to make fondant figures for cakes

Dolce says: Ayo says: Here is the figurine as it appeared on the finished cakeā€¦. I have prepared a truncated handout version of this tutorial for when I teach basic figure modelling as part of the Capital Confectioners Cake Club or other volunteer teaching around Austin.

To stick pieces of fondant together, brush a thin coat of water on one of the two surfaces and then press them together. Pinch down with a bit of pressure to stretch it into place at the same time as adhering it to the face.

how to make fondant figures for cakes

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Go ahead.

Making Fondant Figurines

Many thanks Meghan. Thanks so much for your detailed tutorial and pictures!

how to make fondant figures for cakes

But if you have a fondant covering on your cake, the figure should sit on top just fine. For those who want to know how to cut more realistic hands, here are some instructions.

Fondant Figure Modelling 101

February 19, 2016 at 9: If you seal them up tight they may not dry hard or can even absorb moisture from fresher pieces nearby. For instance, I'll make torsos with foil in them and either a hole for a toothpick already made or more likely a toothpick sticking up out for the head later and let those dry for 24-48 hours.

how to make fondant figures for cakes

If made well and kept in dry conditions, they can last for years, but aren't edible that long, obviously. But without your page I would have had a hard time making people. What's important is to find that one or those two details that are so iconic to the character that immediately make everyone recognize the character, so nobody cares about the other details.

Thanks again!