How to adjust coilovers bilstein

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Bilstein B16 PSS9 Coilover Install

I've had coilovers in the past but this one is a bit strange to me. Always better to play it safe here….

how to adjust coilovers bilstein

Bob Hernandez — Jan 29, 2019. Cons Pricey — but you do get what you pay for! Over the years, we've all experienced cars that ride poorly. Other stories you might like: Ride quality is especially important in a daily driver, since rough roads and potholes seem to loom around every corner.

how to adjust coilovers bilstein

Then custom coilovers are the way forward. So, if you're looking for a hard-core track coilover that makes your car ride like it's on rails, the B16 might not be for you. November 16, 2012 at 7: Simple Installation. The springs are adjusted by turning the collars with spanner wrenches that come with the kit. The kit came with two spanner wrench which I presume is for the front that has two locking nuts but what about the rears?

Bilstein PSS Coilover Kit

Click for better view of ground clearance. Bob Hernandez — Feb 14, 2019. A set of brand new lowering springs and fresh, shiny uprated dampers, sold as a kit to give your car abilities it never, ever had — even fresh from the showroom. Will says: Typically, most coilovers have two locking rings, one to lock the sleeve in place and another to adjust the height.

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The instructions suggest that you stay within a 30mm to 50mm drop range, but that is to stay within the TUV approved figures for the kit. However, there are a whole lot of caveats along with that sentence.

how to adjust coilovers bilstein

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