How big is 45kb

A 10MB download on dial-up might take nearly an hour. If someone intends to keep the document or image or archives all email, it might be replicated on backup media many times over. Flaming or offending other users Illegal activities: The bigger the photo file, the further you can travel down the river.

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Again, let me use some gross estimates and generalizations. Some of us get impatient waiting for the computer for more than half a second. It does not resize or downsize automatically. If you are signing off on a report that is intended to go to the printers, then emailing a 10MB PDF attachment to a few people asking for final comments is completely reasonable.

how big is 45kb

File or attachment size is usually easily accessible, if not already prominent. Not sure if what you want is possible? Having tried it only recently and to my surprise, the "blowups" looked arguably even better than the originals.

how big is 45kb

So it's worth knowing a bit about screen resolutions. Popular Forums. The extra pixels won't be turned into more dots to create a print with finer details?

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Now let's suppose that you have a 2. That is correct.

how big is 45kb

As mentioned above, JPEG files also called. Disruptive posting: Thanks for your reply[ and all other replies]. Large emails can slow down access to an email inbox, and will increase the size of mailbox files on the recipients' computers.

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PNG also tends to be used for smaller images, as for larger images the size reduction from using JPEG is much more important. And who know what tomorrow will bring. Track this discussion.

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