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Jenna Coleman Companion to: Undeterred, Martha was a tough old bird and managed to save the world on not one but two occasions. Sadly, he regenerated, Colin Baker came along and then immediately strangled her. Jedi Academy from the early 2000s on my original Xbox and going for strolls through Sefton Park.

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He hops on the TARDIS and is booted off the very next episode for trying to break the laws of time to make a quick buck. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter.

Click to follow ES Entertainment. Mouth on legs, but very nice legs. I love her bit about the proper nouns, which was my immediate thought upon seeing the premise. An average teenage shopgirl with the potential to save the universe, Rose was meant to be the surrogate for the audience, the way to usher new and old fans alike into the newly resurrected Whoniverse.

Of course, if you tot up the scores given to each of her separate fragments, she wins the game outright. No, gracias. It would have been difficult to predict the mythic proportions to which the Brigadier, a staid military man, would grow in the Doctor Who universe. His entire shtick consisted of squealing and making bad jokes, while the Doctor had adventures with the far more entertaining River Song. Adam Coley, the managing director of Lowaire, the company behind the Virtual Nurse skill, says the company is accepting user requests to add new medical questions not currently in the database.

Doctor Who – Ranking the New Series companions (2005-2017)

Skip to content. Like Loading... Alexa works differently. So there you are. Pop Culture. Oh, Frazer. Click Here. When the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, left the show, it was assumed his successor would be older and less athletic than his Bond-meets-Pimpernel take on the character. I have no idea what that is. Single story, multiple points.