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He noted that 62. She was selling, among others, an antibacterial antibiotic anti-parasite of the nitro-5-imidazole family. March 16th, 2016 - www. A new retrospective review on counterfeit medicines in Peru 1997—2014 aims at consolidating and assessing information on counterfeit medicines subject to pharmaceutical alerts issued by the Peruvian Medicines Regulatory Authority over 18 years 1997—2014 of health monitoring and enforcement.

This project aims to help organizations such as the Ministries of Health and Social Action, Justice, the Interior, the Armed Forces and of Economy and Finance to fight against falsified medicines.

February 1st 2016 - www. In addition to this, the Turkish Republic had signed the Convention Medicrime of the Council of Europe regarding the counterfeit of medicinal products on 29 June 2012. January 22th 2016 - www. At least 12 vaccines brands have been found as counterfeits, seized in 37 health facilities accross 9 provinces: Some of the pills contained deadly amounts of fentanyl, resulting in an increase in overdoses, deaths and opiate-dependent individuals.

Five suspects were arrested in Quebec City. Four establishments were operating illegally and the others did not respect good manufacturing practices. July 22nd, 2016 - www.

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Sergey Zhvachkin, Governor of Tomsk, proposed to consider manufacturers of counterfeit medicines as murderers during trials, and to judge them accordingly. The classification relates to websites out of compliance with State and Federal laws. February 6th, 2016 - www. July 27th, 2016 - El Colombiano. The EU directive requires the integrity of the secondary packaging which must be fitted with an anti-tampering device.

Spain and Latin America united against the sale of fake drugs on the internet Spain - 22 January 2016 January 22th 2016 - www. The products seized are not only steroids, erectile dysfunction, slimness and hair growth products, but also sedatives and sleeping pills. By using our services, you agree to our cookies policy.

He expressed this view during the first session of the regional commission on counteraction against illegal circulation of industrial products: Not drugs, but poison: The project aims at supporting the judicial authorities, police and other regulatory entities.

Sanofi supports this initiative which is part of the implementation of concrete actions against the criminals who manufacture and sell fake medicines, and threaten global public health.

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March 23rd, 2016 - www. This document provides technical guidance on laboratory testing of samples of suspected SFFC products detected on the market of WHO Member States and related aspects of sampling and reporting.

This figure was announced at the final meeting of the board of Roszdravnadzor by the head of the agency, Mikhail Murashko.