What is the highest thc weed strain

This usually an act of a juicer with sour life cycle.

What Are the Strongest Cannabis Strains?

First weed I ever smoked was in April of 1971 while surfing with friends in Hawaii. It seems 7 Points had similar questions. I was there too. Connect to Local Doctors. Top 3 strains for sure! Alex N Kc Muah. The old stuff was way better with more choices.

what is the highest thc weed strain

Just like OG Kush, it has a heavy sedative effect, which will leave you sitting like a stone on weeds. I think king Kong is just about as good as gorilla glue.

what is the highest thc weed strain

AG, where the hell do you get that these days?? Its golden strands make it easy to spot, as does its sweet, earthy aroma. Much barbecue later we realized just how stoned we were. Ever had G13?

5 Best and Strongest Marijuana Strains of 2019

Jeff Hudson. Sam Adams. Compare that to the average THC content of these popular strains:.

what is the highest thc weed strain

The 2 things I most despise. You must have gotten the short end of the deal back then if you think today is better or you got ripped off a lot.

what is the highest thc weed strain

Moreover, we are uncovering stronger combinations on an almost daily basis. But all sinners deserve a warning to repent and believe in Jesus for salvation, just as Jesus said.

Catch them if you can: 11 rare cannabis strains you might never come across

Eventually, you will feel sedated and possibly even couch-locked. Part 3, Growing Techniques. I remember we surfed all afternoon and then crashed on the beach. Kosher Kush first blessed the world with its presence in 2010 and has been nabbing Cannabis Cup awards ever since. He admits it was a mistake and the new Naming Convention has already begun, in start-and-stop manner. I have tried side by side low thc and high thc, not impressed.

what is the highest thc weed strain

The flower of today is supposed to be the strongest ever??