What did proposition 28 changeling

Black Magic and selforganizing matter are one and the same, and while the Idea might try to get outside these processes — or, in a state of delirium, think itself outside of them — it will remain forever trapped in this inhuman fux. Axiom 2: An Idea without frst the material is an absurdity.

what did proposition 28 changeling

Possession and puppetry are neither aberrant or conditional; they are constant and universal. Where balance and equilibrium once stood, Black Magic induces frenzy, movement, and disequilibrium.

Somewhere below the ancient winds begin to blow again from the future. Black Magic crosses over from the other side and disturbs — perhaps even to the point of termination — the careful mechanics of White Magic and the order it intends to ensure. To conjure and entrap a demon is an act only different in degree from warding off faeries: Axiom 1: Perhaps the technological has always been conjoined with Black Magic.

what did proposition 28 changeling

It advances through stages governed by established sets of protocols, and aims to culminate in the harmonious continuity of equilibrium and balance across time. Instead of entering directly into the utter fux of Black Magic, the various feats of the Black Magician remain strictly in the zone of White Magic due to the emphasis on regulation, restriction, capture, and control under the rubric of the human agent.

And out here, at the bleeding edge where order tumbles over into this black hole, we can understand the throbbing void toward which we have been pulled by this process: The fux of Black Magic. It cannot grasp the escalatory dimension, the occulted positive feedback process dissolving the light side circuit into a black hole.

what did proposition 28 changeling

Edmund Berger. Post-truth, no-truth, massification, disintermediation, the beautiful leveling of the human. Thus the contemporary mechanosphere is a Black Magical system par excellence: It is not a command-and-control system steered by the whims of a user.

what did proposition 28 changeling

The principle task of White Magic is the construction and rigorous maintenance of limitpoints to achieve calm, stable states. Its appearance as an automated control system is here a strategic manipulation of human consciousness involving at least some degree of involvement by state actors.

It explodes back upon the user, and as such rewrites his entire reality without regard for his drives and desires.

Sven Loven

He identifed the baseline of this phenomenon to be a cybernetic system, the functioning of which proceeds through the recursive feedbacking of information to propel itself forward - but immediately he shoehorned his revelation back into the cramped box of White Magic. Exegesis 4 [Besieged by Demons]: The Black and White magicians commit to the power drama of the Idea, and thus both seek to ward off the advancing materialism that underpins all things.

Even when being manipulated by incomprehensible forms of intelligence, the human can only fnd its own visage refected back from the dark abyss.

what did proposition 28 changeling

Proposition 2: