Tekkit how to start off

Beginner's Guide To Tekkit

Once you have your nice little house, its time to get real-Industrial. That's why we have the Thermal Monitor. Craft a macerator and a generator.

tekkit how to start off

Gather wood,coal,stone and iron like any other Minecraft world. If you don't know how, press the apostrophe key and it will open Rei's minimap.


If you haven't already, download the Technic Launcher. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. In order to build fantastic contraptions, loads of resources are needed.

tekkit how to start off

Ask Question. Learn more. Please watch a video on Big Reactors if you are planning to make one. EMC is a value that every item has, well not every item, but every vanilla item and some tekkit items.

Getting Started

Whether you simply prefer to start a fresh mine or go cave mining, you need to obtain a considerable amount of ores and gems to begin in tekkit. You may need additional conduits if you have not made them.

tekkit how to start off

Throughout this page you shall notice that your knowlege of tekkit will have significantly increased and will allow you to further enjoy your tekkit experience. It can also be upgraded with upgrades.

tekkit how to start off

It can process 2 items at once, saving lots of EU. Obstructions are anything which intrudes in the Wind Mill's 9x9x7 area, or four blocks extending on every side, except three for the top and bottom.

Keep your sword in your hotbar to defend yourself but do not go on a rampage and attack enemies who haven't spotted you. It would be nice if you state what is in the links in case the website ever goes down, but this is good too.