Owairoa primary school howick auto

After the lesson children are tested on the verse, then a quickfire Bible drill. Humility is having an accurate view of oneself.

Owairoa Primary School

Owairoa students have become well-known for their outstanding behaviour and sportsmanship when representing their school. A variety of cultural activities are available to student from Year 1-6: There is all you usual Gala stalls and lots of local talent will be on our entertainment stage and some amazing prizes in our quickfire Raffle.

owairoa primary school howick auto

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Watch out for the Trail of Terror at Owairoa Primary

Small toys are up for grabs. He says the days of Bible teachers preaching at children are gone, although the commission came under fire last month after a church recruiter labelled schools under-utilised "mission fields". There is all you usual Gala stalls and lots of local talent will be on our entertainment stage and some amazing prizes in our quickfire Raffle. This is a report done by the Ministry of Education to the quality of schools across New Zealand.


It was founded in 1962, and currently has 780 co-educational students with 14 international students studying there. Feeling lucky?

owairoa primary school howick auto

Some of the criticism aimed at Bible lessons centres on the ostracising of children who have been opted- out. Post a comment Did you go to this event?

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Blues have genuine talent. There will be performing arts, dancing, cheer leading and, this year, Somerville Intermediate will be showcasing their wearable arts collection.

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owairoa primary school howick auto

There is plenty on offer at the quick fire raffles including a weekend away, things to pamper, automatic pool cleaners and even a vasectomy available!

Owairoa principal Alan McIntyre sends opt-out forms with enrolment forms, but he says the school supports the lessons promoting values. If children ask about hell, a teacher is supposed to talk about heaven, because it's positive. Black Ferns invincible. The Churches Education Commission teaches in 800 schools and Greening, its chief executive, says there are no-go topics - hell, the virgin birth and indoctrination.

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owairoa primary school howick auto