Nas4free nfs how to

FreeNASĀ® 9.3 Shares Overview (AFP, NFS, CIFS, + New WebDAV)

Note this screen sets login authentication. The most important thing is to set authorised network, gather information from your host pc to obtain this information.

Specifically, it exports disk devices over an Ethernet network that iSCSI clients called initiators can attach to and mount. I thin the problem was the relative path, so thanks to c32767a for that pointer.

nas4free nfs how to

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Building your own NAS/NFS solution with NAS4Free

Warning at this time, only the webdav user is supported. Share name: Matt Rude helped out with this. Other versions: You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site.

The Wizard will automatically create a dataset for the share and start the CIFS service for you, so that the share is immediately available. Choose share , and configure it: Note while the GUI will let you do it, it is a bad idea to share the same volume or dataset using multiple types of access methods.

nas4free nfs how to

Inputting the URL into a web browser will bring up an authentication pop-up message. Note an iSCSI target creates a block device that may be accessible to multiple initiators. Mutual CHAP: Have to set Map all users to root to Yes.

Failing to NFS mount from NAS4Free to FreeNAS

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If you need to support multiple types of shares, divide the volume into datasets and use one dataset per share.

nas4free nfs how to

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