How to play wtba paris pattern area

So far, this looks to favoring high rev guys. Remember Me. This also includes discussion of banned members as indicated here. The first pattern is long with really low volume.

Just realized the Scorpion pattern in the video I sent is 41' and not 47'.


London- A shark wannabe. Non-bowling related, low effort posts, or posts with no benefit to the community will be subject to removal. In fact, I looked at the pba shark and its same distance with 31 ml compared to london's 23. Mon Dec 14 7: Only 3 ml gutter to gutter, the first pattern, Paris had 12 ml and it was only 17 total.

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I have played on the 47 foot pattern before, last year, and ended up struggling as I didn't have the right equipment or maybe playing them all wrong. Discussion thread: I will spend my practice on the long burning up a line.

Thanks guys. Using a lot of surface deep could destroy the shot. I think how this will play depend on the surface, but guys will be everywhere. Here is what I have: Paris was also 47 feet but had less total oil at 21. For the pattern I had to go to a down and in style to get any good angle to the pocket. Seoul is has a chamleon look to it. Duke and WWjr would never stop striking... I played every single part of the lane on it last year and didnt shoot myself in the foot on it.

You'll need surface early until it opens up. If we did allow it, the sub would be spammed to hell by people trying to sell their old often shitty equipment.