How to plant onion sets in autumn

The solution is to cheat and plant sets in modules containing good-quality compost.


I have also found another article on the subject which can be found here. If they do, write me again and I'll congratulate you and give more instructions on what to do next.

how to plant onion sets in autumn

Onions need a ready source of food. If exposed to temperatures that are too low, there is a risk of bolting which means that plants produce flowers at the expense of harvestable bulbs. May sheds are frost free but only you will know for sure.

how to plant onion sets in autumn

I have not been able to get onto my allotment early enough. Do not feed with any nitrogen rich fertiliser especially from July onwards which would encourage thick necks and the risk of Neck Rot.


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how to plant onion sets in autumn

They also prefer a position in full sun or at least partial sun. They should be kept in a cool but frost-free place and in the dark. Our own personal routine for harvesting onions is based on extending the harvest time for as long as possible. What you need to know about your overall health. Trying to remove the weeds with a hoe or trowel will risk uprooting or cutting the onion sets by accident. Tina Thank you for your reply and following on from my question, will the onion sets keep for planting next year if kept in the right conditions please?

I have some Stuttgarter onion sets left over from spring, can I plant them in Autumn?

Plant onion sets in autumn for an early crop

My instinct is telling me 4 or 5 if set them out like the dice face of the globe veriaty, but as for the sping onions I'm really not so sure about. The heat treatment involves storing the onions in very warm and sterile conditions for about four months. For the first few weeks birds may well be a problem for onion sets. If you have the time, gently tease away loose soil from the top of the onions with your fingers to allow the top and neck to receive as much sunshine as possible.

Once planted the onion sets can be left to their own devices, with watering only necessary if the soil is bone dry in autumn. Sowing Seeds The basics... Sign up to Get seasonal kitchen garden advice, special offers and recipes delivered to your inbox, for fruitful harvests this year! The disadvantage of shallots is that their smaller size makes peeling them a longer process.

The hows and whys of autumn onions and garlic

For the first few weeks birds may well be a problem for onion sets. Get set for sowing. But as you say you have another problem in that the sets are not firm.

how to plant onion sets in autumn