How to make a-one point tactical sling

The slot will fit a sling strap directly without any connectors, and the hole design is for use with a spring clip. This is a great way to experiment with different configurations without the expense of buying multiple slings. It's very simple, you always make a "S" shape when making a Cobra weave.

how to make a-one point tactical sling

When transitioning, the gun naturally goes down, allowing the shooter to transition to a secondary using a two handed grip while shooting on the move. There are three key choices: Single point slings clicked on in a matter of seconds and could be taken off with ease and adjusted easily, too.

This stability comes at a price as shoulder transitions are more difficult than with a one-point sling and use in tight quarters such as a vehicle is restricted.

Put Your AR in the Right Sling

Three-Point Slings This design gained popularity a few years ago. Due to its maneuverability, the one-point sling is a good choice if you are operating from inside a vehicle. Safety warning: Two-Point Slings The two-point sling offers far greater stability when slung compared to the one-point design.

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1 to 2 Point Convertible Paracord Rifle Sling

I show that in step 5 in the second picture. I placed my D-ring about 6 inches from the end of the sling.

how to make a-one point tactical sling

The best use, and where one-point slings are most often excel, is in competitions where the need for flexibility, speed and ease-of-use outweigh utility. Now we are going to thicken up the sling a bit by doing another Cobra weave over top of the existing Cobra weave. The main decision to be made is sling design.

how to make a-one point tactical sling

Two-point, three-point or single-point tactical slings? Convertibles A few manufacturers make slings that can convert from one configuration to another. The firearm is controlled against the body, allowing the shooter to use the secondary weapon with two hands while letting the primary weapon the one on the sling just dangle, if desired.

Two-point, three-point or single-point tactical slings? (VIDEO)

Take the loop you have just fused together and loop it through whatever style hook you are using for your sling. I'm not going to explain the cobra weave in detail. The downside to the single-point sling is when transitioning to secondary weapons, the operator still needs to have one hand on the forend to keep the muzzle from dangling around or banging up his or her knees, especially when shooting on the move.

Cut of the excess paracord and melt the ends. Up Next.

how to make a-one point tactical sling