How to make a journal book tutorial

how to make a journal book tutorial

When I am doing a lot of coats I will pull out the hair dryer to speed along the process: Journalpalooza Indie Girl Glasses Pingback: How to Alter an Old Book Step by Step In this post I will walk you through step by step my process of creating an art journal from an old book.

Once I found an old hunting jacket lined with neoprene, which I wanted for another project. Eunix 3 years ago on Introduction.

How to Prepare an Old Book for Altering or Art Journaling

Do some story writing. BTW if anyone needs access to 8.

how to make a journal book tutorial

I found the leather on flea markets, or on Ebay, I just wrote leather scrap, or from old leather bags, clothes in the thrift shop…. You have my vote. Pens and markers wont work as well. Now a few random pages from my journal….. The possibilities are endless!

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how to make a journal book tutorial

Tie a knot on the outside of the journal. This has been on my things to do list for awhile but I was not sure where to begin and now I do. I have so many old books that I could do something like this with.


Yours is beautiful, I love the tree of life that you put on the front! Hope you are feeling well! Connect With Us.