How long is the alabasta arc

how long is the alabasta arc

Ashishgup Ashishgup 8,498 6 30 75. For me 1. The odd voice of reason, a meathead, and a rock for pretty much everyone. Hated it but that's because I watched the 4kids dub and they were in a desert for what felt like forever.


However, Sanji forces him to make a copy of the key using his powers, and releases everyone. When I've defeated you, I will be a man who can cut steel!

Retrieved from " https: The Rock: The Straw Hats finally reach the port town of Nanohana in the desert kingdom of Alabasta. And it does suffer from some problems.

how long is the alabasta arc

Since we've been together for so long another purpose is starting to emerge. Movie 8 remake.

I know its at least around there though. As for why I still stay with him...

how long is the alabasta arc

At a bar, he interrupts a confrontation between a man named Portgas D. Luffy, armed with a barrel of water, confronts Crocodile again, as he found his weakness and manages to get a few good hits. Featured post: Straw Hats saves Dressrosa by showing Doffys real personality.

What episode did the Alabasta arc end in One Piece?

Luffy yells for him to stop it but Crocodile impales him with his hook during his distress. A battle starts on the palace plaza and Vivi watches in horror. Overall, it's a very popular arc. You could see how Oda felt about the history of shounen arcs and applied what he learnt along with his raw perspective. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

I don't think you understand yet. Subscribe to them!

Alabasta Arc

That's not really happened before. Water 7: Trolling, baiting, or obviously provocative comments may be removed at moderator discretion. But they overcame insurmountable odds and rescued that fucking kingdom. I know OP is over 500 episodes but an arc that is 40 episodes?