George clooney haircut how

Slicked Back haircut with taper style is the first hairstyles he loves.

george clooney haircut how

Share on Facebook. His long, thick and slightly wavy hair instantly went to become a fashion statement. The hair on the sides falls just on top of the ears. A trademark of his charismatic presence Clooney has been experimenting with his hair for quite a long.

george clooney haircut how

George Clooney. Much care has been taken in styling this spiky haircut. Good luck on achieving the George Clooney haircut! But the reason why we suggest middle-aged men try this because George Clooney sported this haircut with black and grey hair. Sign in.

George Clooney's Hairstyle: Simple and Classy

The hair on the top is given a slight lift and the facial hair is shaved clean. Let us first start with the hairstyles that he sported during his childhood days to get a glimpse of the evolution that his hairstyles have gone through.

The spikes are held by using a hair gel and kept standing in the middle of the head. This is the side part combover hairstyle, which made George Clooney catch the eyes of the media and of course many women around the world. George finally feels old at this age of 48, when he chooses this hairstyle.

George Clooney Explains Why He'll Never Dye His Gray Hair or Go Under the Knife

After remarkable performances in several television series, he finally landed up with a role in Combat High. Taking a picture showing different angles of the haircut is also very helpful to getting your desired result. The movie made him the King of many hearts with his dazzling looks and his short razor cut hair. The short length sides have grey texture while the top hair has brown color giving a sleek appearance to Mr. This hairstyle is very popular for George and very cool hairstyle, with his new beard style and the medium length hairstyles.

george clooney haircut how

The facial hair is shaved close and a looking glass gives the finishing touch to this hairstyle. Next Post: In this list of George Clooney Haircut, you can see the oldest hairstyles or newest hairstyles.

This close crop haircut is going to suit all men who are middle-aged since it is neither too boring nor too over the top. This is one of the sexiest haircuts that has been trending among the young population.

george clooney haircut how

New changing looks offered different, edgier styles for those that wanted to branch out. Slicked Textured Hairstyle with Comb Over this hairstyle is the permanent hairstyle for him.

George Clooney Haircut 2019

This prevents him to look rustic as in some other similar hairstyles. George Clooney Haircut is very cool and awesome for him like the lucky charm. Here are 15 George Clooney hairstyles which are classic examples to choose from.