David howie family tree

William Hume Howie 07 Aug 1868 - 24 Mar 1931. Lulu Belle Belle Howie Oct 1886. Unlisted Howie managed by Donald Schubeck last edited 19 Jul 2018. Dynamic Tree The dynamic tree expands to include an unlimited number of generations of parents and children.

Selby David Howie

Unlisted Howie managed by Gary Donaldson last edited 9 Jul 2016. Janet was born circa 1838, in Cockenzie. All the passengers attempted to rush on deck, and many succeeded in doing so, until the ladders were knocked away by the workings of the vessel ; when the shrieks from men, women, and children from below were terrific, calling on the watch on deck to assist them.

david howie family tree

David passed away in March 1973, at age 63. Related surnames: David Howie, 1807 - 1876 David Howie 1807 1876. David passed away on month day 1945, at age 77 at death place.

david howie family tree

On Wednesday, the 20th Instant, the cutter David Howie, of ten tons, loaded with potatos, owned and commanded by David Howie, was unfortunately capsized close off the flag-staff, Circular Head Bay, and immediately went down. Thus the sea breaking over them, the winds raging, and the rain continuing heavy all night, the poor survivors continued clinging to the vessel's bow.

Mary Howie - 12 Dec 1852.

david howie family tree

Archibald T. At this critical juncture, a voice exclaimed—"take the heels from under him" — an operation which certainly was ingenious enough, seeing that the inevitable consequence would have been a powerful collision between the constables face and the ground. Doris Jane Paterson.

david howie family tree

Documents of David Alexander Howie. Up to the time the vessel began breaking up it is supposed that between three and four hundred were got on deck by the extraordinary exertions of the crew. Hunterville, North Island, New Zealand.

David passed away on month day 1973, at age 65 at death place , Wisconsin. If you're new to genealogy see Getting Started with Genealogy.

David Howie

David Howie, 1833 - 1894 David Howie 1833 1894. If he was married in May, it was only a month later in June that he was assisting with the transportation of the crew rescued from the barque Rebecca. Fiona Howie. David passed away in month 1967, at age 81 at death place. We were rejoiced to find that Captain King had already entered into negotiation with him to act as our pilot.

david howie family tree