Chow yun fat selfie guy

This place used to be an empty field but now there are so many high-rise buildings. It's all very tragic; she's a Hong Kong Oshin [female lead in Japanese soap opera]. Chow then met with screaming fans at the Xinyi Vieshow Cinema, where he took time for selfies with fans and talked about his role as the painter in the film "Project Gutenberg.

Movie Review: At the press conference of his latest movie Cold War 2, at Sands Expo and Convention Centre at Marina Bay Sands yesterday, the veteran actor, 61, and self-professed shutterbug whipped out an iPhone, which belonged to a crew member, and proclaimed that he would go round taking selfies with everyone in the room - and that he could do it in a few minutes.

Chow Yun Fat is also the king of Selfies

That having the camera further away will ensure your face won't be "bao bao" puffy in Mandarin. I have no idea.

chow yun fat selfie guy

Besides promoting Cold War 2, which opens here on July 8, Kwok is also preparing for his concert tours. Chow, who has been married to Singaporean wife Jasmine since 1987, is not hailed as Singapore's favourite son-in-law for nothing.

Joanne Soh Assistant Entertainment Editor. He added that he would be heading to Maxwell Food Centre after the event for chicken rice, something Kwok can't afford to enjoy, Chow joked, referring to how Kwok has to watch his figure.

chow yun fat selfie guy

Chow started Sunday by enjoying a jog around Da'an Forest Park before taking his entourage for a breakfast of soy milk and radish cake. Give me another 20 years and I will become fitter.

chow yun fat selfie guy

He then demonstrated this on stage by taking a wefie with Hong Kong singer-actor Kwok and Taiwanese heart-throb Peng, both of whom said they were not wefie experts. Sign up for the 8 DAYS weekly e-newsletter now!

Chow Yun-fat spotted on Taipei MRT

Chow riding escalator in MRT station. When asked in a separate interview if he would follow in Chow's footsteps and be so open and sociable with fans, Peng said he has "a long way to go" before even becoming that popular.

Chow taking selfie with fans. Jul 06, 2016 06: Read articles by Joanne Soh.

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But a lot of people care about status symbols, and so they have to be stuck in a jam for two hours. It's even worse for me at home. Recommended For You. By Central News Agency. His love for selfies is more than just skin deep.