Whats a domain in math terms

What is the domain of a function?

Interactive examples Don't miss the applet exploring these examples here: Rectangular Coordinates 4. So y minus 6, y minus 6 needs to be greater than or equal to 0, in order for, in order for g to be defined for that input y. The Graph of a Function 4a. But, more commonly, and especially when dealing with graphs on the coordinate plane, we are concerned with functions, where each element of the domain is associated with one element of the range.

The y -values range from 0 up to 1 including 0 , but not including 1.

Domain and Range of a Function

Next tutorial. Now what's the domain here?

whats a domain in math terms

Example 2: Some are defined for only a small subset of real numbers, or for some other thing, or only whole numbers, or natural numbers, or positive numbers, and negative numbers. So we'll see that as we do more and more examples. Continuous and Discontinuous Functions 8. What is the range of a function?

whats a domain in math terms

See samples before you commit. Example 4: No matter how large or small t becomes, f t will never be equal to zero.

whats a domain in math terms

Ratio of line segments by phinah [Solved! Need Graph Paper? Evans, M. So the domain, the domain here, the domain of h is literally -- it's just literally going to be the the two valid inputs that x can be are 3 and pi.

Mathematics : What Is a Domain in Math?

When doing square root examples, many people ask, "Don't we get 2 answers, one positive and one negative when we find a square root? Let's look at an example. More info: So function we can view as something -- so I put a function in this box here and it takes inputs, and for a given input, it's going to produce an output which we call f of x.

whats a domain in math terms

So in this case if -- let me see -- that's my function f.