What is evo material

Took me a bit, but now I can understand enough of what this wiki says, to know what my chances for a dungeon will be. May 2, 2017 1. Metal Dragon Dungeon Series. By Gig 8768 5 years ago 6. Outside of event dungeons anyways. All max awoken 0 By Guest 74416 4 years ago 7.

what is evo material

DON'T get hit by two masks at once if you have less than 10,000 hp. Evo Rush!! Then floor 2 and 3 do poison, or stall till they are up.

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By C 12855 5 years ago 6. By FormX 13986 5 years ago 6.

what is evo material

Major Encounters. Assembled a team with two poison for the masks and dublits and 4 dragons to spike on rainbow. What are Evo-materials? Sadly, no team I have can beat any descended dungeon. Mr Wiggles 26061 3 years ago 8.

what is evo material

Songlian , May 2, 2017. Don't have an account? Used all sta in 4 runs of this dungeon aiming for rainbow keeper.

what is evo material

I find x9 attack easier then trying to stall for poison. P 0 blair 26997 5 years ago 6. It's what happens in Chance Time is what I'm worried about...

Evolution Materials

This is a very basic, stone-free, zombie team! First of all, grats on getting him 'cause he's awesome. Not the only ones looking for as got a few other monsters to evo or replace before much longer depending on luck.