What is a two dimensional map

(a). Introduction to Maps

On a Mercator projection, the north-south scale increases from the equator at the same rate as the corresponding east-west scale. Mercator maps are used in navigation because a line drawn between two points of the Earth has true direction.

what is a two dimensional map

In the illustration distances in miles and kilometers are graphically shown. Figure 2a-1 displays a weather map showing the location of low and high pressure centers and fronts over most of North America.

Two-Dimensional Maps

As a result of this feature, angles drawn on this type of map are correct. Mollweide projection.

what is a two dimensional map

However, this line may not represent the shortest distance between these points. Mercator map projection. All of these transformation processes create some type of distortion artifact.

what is a two dimensional map

Figure 2a-10: In Figure 2a-10 , we have maps representing an area of the world at scales of 1: This distortion makes middle and high latitude countries to be bigger than they are in reality. Some of the geographic properties affected by projection distortion include: Figure 2a-10 helps to explain this concept. For example, 1: The shape of the Earth's surface can be described as an ellipsoid.

Sinusoidal Equal-Area projection. It was specifically designed for nautical navigation.

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The Miller Cylindrical projection. The map on the far left has the smallest scale, while the map on the far right has the largest scale. This projection was developed to show the entire Earth with less distortion of area.

what is a two dimensional map

This orthographic projection distorts distance, shape, and the size of areas. Robinson's projection.

what is a two dimensional map

Figure 2a-6: The intended purpose of this map is considerably more specialized than a topographic map. Map Scale Maps are rarely drawn at the same scale as the real world.

In a graphic scale, an illustration is used to depict distances on the map in common units of measurement Figure 2a-9.