What hockey team fights the most

what hockey team fights the most

New Jersey 91 37 27 155 0. See All Newsletters. It's hard to miss the recent decline in fighting spirit, however. Currently, 15 players have fought at least once this season with Wayne Simmonds leading the team with five fighting majors on the season.

Over the last few years the Senators have not been shy about dropping the gloves and letting the fists fly. Ligue 1. Sorry to name names, but one is Ryan Carter, who is just 2-17-5 for his career.

The 5 NHL Teams That Get in the Most Fights

Boston 109 69 34 212 0. Our data source was hockeyfights. Study results showed that less than 30 percent of all NHL games since 2012 have featured a fight, while no season has had more than 40 percent of its games include a fight since 2009-2010. Chicago 60 50 31 141 0.

Fighting is down in the NHL, and the numbers are there to prove it

Buffalo 72 54 43 169 0. The Minnesota Wild, however, might see fighting as a deterrent to, well, more fighting.

what hockey team fights the most

Like last season, the Blue Jackets are sharing the wealth this year; 15 players have fought at least once. In 2013-14, the team finished in sixth place with 40 fights, last year they were second with 35, and this season they sit atop the league with 30. Clowe is a mountain of a man at 6-foot-3 and 225 pounds.

what hockey team fights the most

Pittsburgh 42 60 27 129 0. Carolina 29 41 24 94 0.

Who is the NHL’s best fighting team? We rank them 1 to 30

Serie A Soccer. Leading the way for the Ducks is Chris Stewart with seven fighting majors this season.

what hockey team fights the most

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