Sewer cleanouts how to find

The location of most exterior clean outs is witnessed by the white or green pipe extending slightly above the grade of the lawn with a white or possibly copper colored clean out plug inserted into a threaded adaptor. If it's within the wall, you'll need to cut out parts of the drywall to look for it, but this can get messy quickly. Read More.

Where is My Sewer Line Cleanout Located?

Until the clog is removed no drains in any of your plumbing fixtures can be safely used. Every house should have one, although unfortunately, some houses don't.

sewer cleanouts how to find

Of course the other alternative is have a plumber with a video camera to locate it for you. If a tree root gets hold of your pipe, it will keep growing and the pipe will crack further and possibly even break.

sewer cleanouts how to find

Of course the other alternative is have a plumber with a video camera to. Angie's List Answers is the trusted spot to ask home improvement and health questions and get answers from service companies, health providers and consumers.

Finally, in houses in colder climates where the standard construction practice is to build homes over basements, the main clean-out is usually found in the basement floor, usually near the foundation wall.

A threaded plug will fit into a short length of large-diameter pipe that extends up from the floor. Enter your Zip, City or Postal code in the field below. If there's a low section in the pipe, water and waste can accumulate there and develop a clog over time. This is what most of us look for to locate the cleanout plug.

sewer cleanouts how to find

It may be extending above the ground near an outside wall or may be contained inside a ground box covered by a metal cover. Starting to clean from there, if he keeps track of footage, the plumber will commonly "feel" the outside cleanout as he run down the pipe with a router, especially in cold country where the pipe level drops down several feet as it gets to the cleanout outside.

How to Find the Sewer Clean-Out in Your Home

It will flush water through inlet or outlet lines in order to blast any blockages away. Sewer lines are critical pieces of plumbing infrastructure that help move water and waste away from your home. In these locations, the threaded plug may be flush-mounted into the floor or may be threaded into a short length of large-diameter pipe extending up from the floor.

sewer cleanouts how to find

Answered 4 years ago by LCD. If not this kind of fitting, there may be a Y-fitting at the bottom of the main drain soil stack where it disappears under the concrete slab. Answered 4 years ago by BentheBuilder. If you have trouble finding the clean-out, follow a direct line from the vertical soil stack to the foundation wall, following the shortest path—the main clean-out will likely be located along this line.

Water seeping in through add-on room. Report It.

sewer cleanouts how to find