No matter what poem

This is my promise to her and my future granddaughter.

no matter what poem

I have no story of my own to relate to yours, but I could relate to your feelings. Please hold my heart dear to you. Read complete story. User Rating: The further the distance, I long for it twice as much. Even if things seem like they won't work out, I will never give up on you.

He fills my heart completely and there is no one I have loved more in my life. Even if l don't have a single penny, I will fight to provide for you. Common Mistakes: Add to Collection Favorites Email Share. Yes it has very much. Even though only having a telephone call makes love hard. He dose not show he loves me instead he just tells me.

Forever I Will Love You - Poem by unknown poet

This poem has not been translated into any other language yet. If you do stumble or fall, please don't forget to gather all the pieces. Putnam, Sandy, Oregon 1 year ago Wow! Were you touched by this poem?

no matter what poem

I think this poet made an outstanding portrayal of that. McParland's Other Poems. To my little girl Precious as a pearl We've had our ups and downs We've even gone a few rounds No matter what you do I'll never stop loving you No matter how rough life may get You should always live with no regrets And now it will not be long And you, too, will have to be strong Soon your little girl will arrive She will make you feel so alive Her little fingers, her tiny toes All baby girls have wings and halos So don't let other people get you down Just because her skin will be brown So hold your head high And walk right on by Because God and I love you both This is our oath!

A Mom's Promise

I love you and I always will. Prev Poem. Has this poem touched you?

no matter what poem

You see, even when you have your besties by your side every step of the way, you never really forget that one guy who made your heart beat faster than a thousand bees wings.

Still I Rise Maya Angelou. It's something that is needed in this world... I too felt this undying love for a man.

Home About. December 2016 Even if things seem like they won't work out, I will never give up on you.