Mozilla firefox what version do i have

Click the menu button and choose Options.

How do I tell if I have the 32-bit or 64-bit Firefox?

This article only applies to Firefox on Windows. This article, like all Firefox support, is brought to you mostly by volunteers, who keep Mozilla proudly independent and open source. You can have both 32-bit and 64-bit Firefox program versions listed, if you installed one version without uninstalling the other. Download only from the official Mozilla links above to avoid malware.

Important - Firefox has ended support for Windows XP and Vista

For more information, see Update Firefox to the latest version. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Firefox are available for 64-bit operating systems, on Windows 7 and above.

mozilla firefox what version do i have

See also: Update Firefox to the latest version. This will show you a list of software that is currently installed on your computer.

Update Firefox to the latest version

This will open the Troubleshooting Information page. To find your user agent, click the Firefox menu button , click help and select Troubleshooting Information.

mozilla firefox what version do i have

A manual update will still let Firefox download an update but it won't install it until you restart Firefox. If an updated version of Firefox is available, it will be automatically downloaded. You can also check the installed version of Firefox from the Windows list of installed programs.

mozilla firefox what version do i have

In the General panel, scroll down to the Firefox Updates section. Learn more Get started Get started Get started. If you don't want both you can uninstall the unwanted version. See this blog post to learn more about 64-bit Firefox.

In the Application Basics section of this page, find the User Agent entry and look at the information enclosed within the parentheses.

Cómo saber la version de Mozilla Firefox

The user agent identifies your browser to websites and contains information about your operating system and browser version.