Howard county landfill styrofoam cups

How NOT to Recycle in Howard County

Acrylic and latex paint ready to be shipped out. Toggle navigation Menu.

howard county landfill styrofoam cups

Undecorated artificial trees and wreaths can be recycled with scrap metal at the Alpha Ridge Convenience Area. What if you could make that trash load a little lighter and help cut back on the amount put in landfills?

Styrofoam must be kept separate from packing material.

Styrofoam Recycling

TV and computer monitors all boxed up are shipped out. During the demonstrations, members of the Howard County Recycling District ask participants to stand on a tan tarp and hold various pieces of trash, such as plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and empty pill bottles. If you live in an apartment, it could mean walking down flights of stairs and going half-way across the complex before throwing it over the side of a dumpster. For more information on curbside recycling in the city, visit: People using the curbside service cannot place plastic numbers 3 or 6 in the bins, or plastic shopping bags.

TV and computer monitors all boxed up are shipped out with Brad Huff moving the pallets into the truck.

Close 1 of 4. Residents can drop off batteries for free, but for churches and businesses there is a 30 cent per pound fee for batteries.

howard county landfill styrofoam cups

Union St. Plastic beverage bottles, which fall under plastic number 1, otherwise known as PETE or polyethylene terephthalate, can be recycled, but should generally be rinsed out to remove any leftover liquids.

An EPA study from 2015 found that both waste generation and recycling have increased in the U.

Plastic foam now collected at Alpha Ridge Landfill

Styrofoam and packing material is collected quarterly in Jan, April, July and Oct at the Ministry Center house with carport at end of parking lot Emmanuel UMC 10755 Scaggsville Rd, Laurel, MD Please do not drop off Styrofoam at the church if not during the collection period as there is no place to store it.

The center does not take certain things at all, such as dishwashers and stoves. Plastics 1-7 can be dropped off at any of the county drop-off bins, though the center does not accept styrofoam. For the most part, water bottle lids can be recycled, though Higginbottom encouraged the group to remove lids before throwing them in the recycle bins, because otherwise the lids could pop off when the bottles are compressed, posing a possible danger to people nearby.

Other things, such as televisions, computer monitors, tires, paint and aerosol cans, need to be dropped off at the Howard County Recycling Center, 4102 Cartwright Drive in Kokomo. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the U. Undecorated live Christmas trees, wreaths and garland can be recycled at the Alpha Ridge Landfill woodwaste area or curbside with your yardwaste through the third week in January.

howard county landfill styrofoam cups

Christmas Trees and Wreaths: Howard County Recycling District. But since the city started curbside recycling, the only drop-off bin in city limits is at Market Street. We accept: Every few months, the center accepts prescription medications, which Jeffers strongly urges people not to flush down the toilet because the drugs will end up the drinking water supply.