How to make a altoid usb charger

Whatever you do, don't try and make a 6V or 9V circuit and then use a voltage limiter to take it back down to 5V. No, you'd need a charge controller in the mix. Question 11 months ago on Step 7.

how to make a altoid usb charger

For instance if your battery has a capacity of 2000 ma we can only use a solar cell that puts out 200 ma or less of current. Ploensec 2 years ago.

how to make a altoid usb charger

Anyway, please some advice or help would be greatly appreciated. None the less, keep this in mind. Very good project! If i don't want batteries I need my system, just a direct charge. Would it harm anything to leave out the battery pack and wire this directly to the USB charge controller? Share it with us!

Altoids Phone Charger

I Made It! Reply 9 months ago. Also, if you're lazy, I do sell made versions in a variety of tin styles. In the picture it's the black wire.

DIY Solar USB Charger - Altoids

Do not tape 9V battery. More by the author: Notice I use ample amounts of hot melt glue. Stop cutting now. Once again, we can do better. What you should be mindful of is where power connects to your board.

how to make a altoid usb charger

It makes for a nice gift.