How to grow afro hair faster

They allow your hair time to grow without you constantly combing, brushing, and damaging it.

how to grow afro hair faster

Now i know how to take care of my hair. I am 54 years old and my hair is thining out. Did this summary help you?

how to grow afro hair faster

Take multi vitamin make sure your iron is not low. The reason I am recommending this brand is because it is a liquid vitamin supplement that works instantly. Carefully and gently comb your hair. Trim your hair and get rid of split ends.

Growing Long, Healthy Natural Hair – What You Need to Know

You do not necessarily need to wash with a shampoo weekly but you must let your hair touch water. Trim those split ends as soon as you see them because if you don't get rid of them properly, then your hair will become damaged and you'll end up in a crisis.

how to grow afro hair faster

What method will you try next? CW Celestial Williams Aug 1, 2017.

How to grow African Natural Hair Fast

If you notice your hair breaking easily after washing especially if you have kinky hair try washing it once every two weeks. Also taking biotin supplements as well as multi vitamins, and drinking lots of water helps your hair growth.

Finger detangle your natural hair: April 4, 2018 at 2: Your body must always remain in balance. But if your hair has thinned out from damage then it can. All black hair is different and should be treated as such.

Article Summary X To keep your hair from breaking while it grows out, wash it no more than once a week and avoid drying it with a hair dryer. Hot oil treatments are a great way to control frizz on natural hair.

how to grow afro hair faster

Desiree Miller. A satin or silk scarf is recommended as they do not absorb oil like other fabrics.