How to draw maplestory phantom build

Everything maxed.

how to draw maplestory phantom build

Page Top Home 1 2. If you duo hard hilla, one could use shadower smokescreen to avoid hhilla drain if you lack the DPM- but sancrosantity should cover for that already. Like I said they are limitless meaning limitless builds!

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Judgment Draw Active This skill can be used only when your deck card is full. Only 4 skill slots available to hold 1st job skills. Once these 3 are maxed, proceed with Carte Blanc for free automatic card attack acts like Final Attack but with nicer homing card animation.

how to draw maplestory phantom build

Also passively increases Rapier Wit damage. January 2017 Permalink. Firstly, Level 1 Mille Aiguilles will be used for mobbing monsters.

how to draw maplestory phantom build

If you are a type of person who just loves Phantom original skills or just wants train in a simple manner without depending on other Adventurers for their skills, you can max Impeccable Memory III last just before Rapier Wit. So what makes final damage so special? Level 1: You can only steal certain skills based on the rank of Impeccable Memory. Stolen 1st job skill will be set to level 1. This site uses cookies.

Phantom Guide Post 5th Job

Also passively increases speed and jump. Stolen skills will stay unless you delete them. Upon releasing the key, the skill cooldowns in 8 sec. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

It is all situational and tbh you will need to experiment with what combo is best for the situation or a stolen skill build to cover all your needs.

how to draw maplestory phantom build

Impeccable Memory I: Tempest Active Summons a tornado of cards that attacks 12 enemies continuously around Phantom as long as skill key is held down. How to correctly fund a Phantom VI.

Speed up your Cane attack speed with Cane Booster. The good thing is Phantom has very high innate critical rate so this will not be too hard to achieve. Pros and Cons II. This skill can be combo after Rapier Wit to reduce its delay.