How to detect browser type in js

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How to Detect Browser (and browser version) using JavaScript

Source Tutorial: The information from the navigator object can often be misleading, and should not be used to detect browser versions because:. Here's a 2016 adjusted version of Rob's answer, including Microsoft Edge and detection of Blink: The JavaScript that will detect the browser will use navigator object.

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JavaScript Tutorial For Beginners #11 - Booleans in JavaScript

If we wanted to show the value of navigator. Opera Full support Yes. Update 2: Get bowser from https: ECMAScript 5. These prefixes will eventually be dropped, so to make detection even more robust, I switched to browser-specific characteristics:.

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how to detect browser type in js

The window. Every site that was using this code for check for Safari just broke with macOS Sierra or Safari 10 upgrades: Rafael Eyng Rafael Eyng 2,818 1 23 31. Although the specification allows custom type tags for non-standard exotic objects, it requires those type tags to be different from the predefined ones.

how to detect browser type in js

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how to detect browser type in js