How much is 100g of weave

how much is 100g of weave

Our Factory Learn about how and where our products are made. Since Luxy Hair extensions are 20 inches long, for those who have layers or shorter hair, we would highly recommend to take the set to a professional hairstylist and layer it to your hair. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

These sets have 120 grams of hair and come with 9 pieces in total, which is one less weft than our 160g and 220g sets: Search titles only. Trending Illuminated Brunette: You will need to have just as much hair past where your own hair ends in order for it to look natural.

how much is 100g of weave

Balayage Hair: As you can see, the hair has more length and volume, and looks completely natural in the hair. Hair Extensions How to blend clip-in Luxy Hair extensions with thin hair. Hi Tigerlily, I used to do the same as you as I never felt that I had applied enough hair but then I found that once I had blended it it looked fine. In this blog post, we will explain how to choose the right thickness of your hair extensions, as well as what the difference is between the sets.


Hairstyles your boyfriend doesn't tell you he loves. Add sun-kissed dimension to your hair. These sets have 160 grams of hair and have 10 pieces of hair in total, which is one more than the 120g set: For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

how much is 100g of weave

To determine the thickness of your hair, we recommend to create a tight braid and take a look at how thick it is. Obviously for longer lengths or if the client has naturally thick hair you will need to use more but for 14" to 16" 100g should be enough. Well, the reason why you need to select a set that matches your hair type is because you want it to blend in naturally with your hair.

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If you have really fine hair, then the 160g may work, but generally 220g sets are most ideal for those who have shorter hair. Click here to learn how to clip-in hair extensions on yourself. That way, the transition from your own hair to the extensions will be seamless, and it will be much easier for you to blend the extensions in on a daily basis.

All Luxy Hair extensions are made of the same high quality grade remy human hair and are sold in a full head set, so you will only need one box to complete your transformation.

how much is 100g of weave

This is an example of a braid of someone who has thick hair - in this case, oftentimes hair extensions are meant to add more length rather than thickness. Hair Extensions 10 must know hair extensions hacks. Balayage Collection NEW! Forums New posts Search forums.

how much is 100g of weave

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