How a cold front causes precipitation data

With a cold front, cold air advances and displaces the warm air since cold air is more dense heavier than warm air. The vertical component of the wind is typically very small except in thunderstorm updrafts compared to the horizontal component, but is very important for determining the day to day weather. The prevailing winds in that region are mostly from the south and west, and Lake Toxaway is on the windward side of the Appalachian mountains, making orographic lift an effective precipitation mechanism.


Japanese, Chinese and Koreans crave watermelons when the weather is hot and give them as summer present at Bon events. This is the force that causes high pressure to push air toward low pressure. Before a snowflake lands on earth it is blown by winds tossed around by clouds and struck by other snowflakes, all of which affect a snowflakes structure and appearance. If there was no monsoon India and Southeast Asia would resemble the Sahara. Tokyoites battle the heat island effect by splashing water all over the place on pavement and concrete.

Often times the high humidity is more or a problem than the rain.

Lifting Mechanisms

Winds become gusty from the south. As the air spreads away from the high, air from above must sink to replace it. The different ways precipitation is formed determines what type of precipitation it becomes.

how a cold front causes precipitation data

David Fogarty, Reuters, October 9, 2011]. From north to south the results of the distribution of solar energy can be seen in the changing vegetation see the accompanying diagram , animal behaviors, and by examining the clothes people wear.

how a cold front causes precipitation data

Cold fronts, generally shown in blue, occur where a cold air mass is replacing a warm air mass. Understanding climatic processes and the resulting impacts of a changing climate are important as every living organism on Earth is affected.

Basic Discussion on Pressure

If the winds are strong enough, they can even blow hail so that it falls at an angle. This is the start of summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere.

how a cold front causes precipitation data

A surface high pressure system and often fair weather typically are located ahead east of an upper ridge axis with lower surface pressure behind west of the ridge. As mentioned in previous topics, fronts on weather maps represent the leading edge of either warm or cold air.

What we "feel" outside is the actual amount of moisture absolute humidity in the air.

Air Fronts

Precipitable Water: Weather Stories. The upward motion of air can lead to the formation of clouds and precipitation if there is sufficient moisture to reach condensation as the air cools while moving up.

how a cold front causes precipitation data

In thunderstorms, hail also can develop. Basic Discussion on Pressure Weather. Relative Humidity: Although weather conditions affect people differently, in general in the spring and summer, surface dewpoint temperatures in the 50s usually are comfortable to most people, in the 60s are somewhat uncomfortable humid , and in the 70s are quite uncomfortable very humid.