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fao who manual pesticide specifications for

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The JMPS has developed standard procedures for assessment of pesticide data, including the determination of equivalence. Likewise, summaries of the ecotoxicological profile of the technical material are provided, including toxicity to selected aquatic and terrestrial organisms.

The specifications encompass the physical appearance of the material, its content of active ingredient and any relevant impurities and its physical properties. Training Manual: This body is composed of scientists collectively possessing expert knowledge of specifications. In addition to these confidential data, the package contains summaries of the acute, sub-acute and chronic toxicological properties of the technical material, including reproductive and developmental toxicity, genotoxicity and carcinogenicity.

fao who manual pesticide specifications for

If and when the specification is accepted, FAO and WHO then publish the specification and the accompanying evaluation on the internet. Subsequently, the corresponding process for crop protection products was initiated by FAO in 1963. Aqueous Suspension Concentrates SC. Oil-based Suspension Concentrates OD.

fao who manual pesticide specifications for

Bacterial larvicide technical concentrates TK. Soluble Concentrates SL.

Manual on development and use of FAO and WHO specifications for pesticides

Emulsifiable Powders EP. They do not normally include chemical characteristics of the formulants unless they influence physical characteristics such as pH, acidity and alkalinity. Gel for direct application formulation GD.

Pest and Pesticide Management - Home. These data include: The specifications may be used to provide an international point of reference against which the quality of products can be judged, either for regulatory purposes or in commercial dealings, thereby helping to prevent the trade, sale and use of inferior quality pesticide products.

Emulsions, Oil in Water EW. Skip to main content.

fao who manual pesticide specifications for

It provides the standard process, unified requirements and procedures, harmonized definitions and nomenclature, technical guidelines and standards applicable to pesticides for use in agriculture and public health.

Next comes a series of items, which manufacturers consider highly confidential and which provides the basis for any equivalence decisions that may follow.

fao who manual pesticide specifications for

Micro-emulsions ME. The March 2016 revision of the 1st edition of the Manual on development and use of FAO and WHO specifications for pesticides which is available only on the internet, supersedes the 2010 revision and previous manuals and guidance documents published by either FAO or WHO on this subject.

Aerosol dispensers AE.