Anywhere but here book plot

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anywhere but here book plot

Anyway, the book revolves around Adele, the bright, ambitious, angry and slightly crazy younger daughter of Lillian and Art. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This book centers around a selfish, immature and heavily delusional mother who packs up her daughter and runs off to California to pursue the daughter's Hollywood career.

Anyway I was ready for the book to end, and I think it probably should have ended about 200 pages earlier.

anywhere but here book plot

To this day, when asked what's my favorite book, I say 'Anywhere But Here'. Can you drink, Ann asks. You agree to receive occasional updates and special offers for The New York Times's products and services. Jul 04, 2018 Jessica rated it it was ok. Read to within 50 pages of the end then realized I had no interest to see if the story line ever came together. Here he has two good supporting characters: View all New York Times newsletters.

anywhere but here book plot

And yet this was a bestseller. It's heartbreaking, really, as she's all about her considerable beauty and all about finding a wealthy husband, despite her obvious intellect and her great skills as a caregiver to children and later to people in nursing homes.

Still, when Ann receives a large residual check, she gives it to her mother to buy a little retirement cottage. Simpson, who lives in New York City and is a senior editor of The Paris Review, said that using female narrative voices exclusively ''was the most unforced, intuitive decision of the book.


This scene, which runs about 3-pages in length, made my skin crawl. This section contains 576 words approx. There is a telling paragraph - just a few lines - that let us know how Adele had Ann pose for pornographic photos when she was a young child. Most of the book takes the voice of Ann, retrospectively, and is ably done.

It meanders along episodically for several hundred pages, not necessarily chronologically, but not with any meaningful pattern of switching between past, present, and future.

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Don't even get me started on the wrong Great Lake... Ann is a survivor, a clearheaded, stronghearted girl; she knows her beautiful mother is untrustworthy, a check bouncer, a misser of meals, a dreamer: Anywhere But Here. More often, they are details for their own sake, generous irrelevancies - the author taking time out from her characters and their battling to enjoy the world that contains them and us. Left behind in Wisconsin are the two people Ann loves best in the world: The competing themes of intergenerational drift and the indivisibility of familial bonds are more tangibly confirmed through long transcripts of interviews that are counterposed against the narrative proper--interviews which are so real it's hard to believe they aren't based on actual dialogs Simpson conducted with family members.

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World War II and the freedom it gave to women; the post-war effort to return to "normal" and how that atmosphere could be stifling; the emergence of the 1960s and the youth culture; the Vietnam War; and then "reinventing yourself" by moving to the promised land of California. Ann is almost 12, and they have to get to California so she can become a child star while she is still a child.

What I did read was definitely well-written.

anywhere but here book plot