1981 honda goldwing interstate 1100 specs howard

The Honda Gold Wing Interstate is made for people who take their comfort seriously, and are willing to pay for it. Picture submitted by anonymous user..

1980 Honda Gold Wing GL1100

On a mountain pass, you'll notice weight additions, yet the GL still has enough torque to keep you safely ahead of all but the most obnoxious seven-liter tailgaters. Rear Brakes. Review this information: This bike has sat many years with old fuel in system. Swinging arm with adjustable shocks absorbers.

Important Honda GL1100 Carb Details

I can either find the right outside or inside diameter but not both. Most of Cycle's testers ranging from five-eight to six-one thought the GL's handlebar was a suitable height, if not a little too high. Pictures, trademarks and logos of third parties are the exclusive property of the respective owners. The plenum halves have a plastic straw that slides into the accelerator pump fuel crossover channel at the bottom of the plenum halves. This was not just a standard GL1100 either.

1981 honda goldwing interstate 1100 specs howard

You can list all 1981 Honda GL 1100 Gold Wing available and also sign up for e-mail notification when such bikes are advertised in the future. Max Torque.

GL1100 Clutch Issues

We averaged 39. The big fairing chops those gale-force winds down to a gentle breeze; only around your helmet, where there is some buffeting, does the wind intrude at all. Do not attempt to remove these brass plugs. In short, the Aspencade is just the bike you'd want for traveling to and being seen at its namesake, the Aspencade motorcycle rally.

If you go hog-wild on accessories, you'll be captivated by the Interstate's optional-extra gadgets. The 739-pound Interstate can only, by virtue of its accessory equipment weight, carry 366 pounds.

1981 honda goldwing interstate 1100 specs howard

Be sure the O-ring stays in place during assembly. Top Speed. AKI6019 Aliases: But when the serious buyers do start coming around, they won't have to stand in line; the Interstate is not a limited-edition model, and Honda feels there should be enough to go around. AHA6089 Aliases: The pressure was about 1.

1981 honda goldwing interstate 1100 specs howard

ASU6017 Aliases: There is no reason your head gasket repairs are not lasting longer! The gear-ratio changes certainly didn't hurt fuel mileage.