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A student on probation will be continued on probation if not eligible for removal from probation or subject to disqualification. Comments on honorable mention What made you want to look up honorable mention? Log in.

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General Information. The replacement grade policy also is not applicable to grades or administrative symbols which do not affect units allowed or grade point average e. Entertainment Research reports that there are 245 mentions of the f-word in this movie.

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The University Honors List is compiled at the end of each semester for students who meet specific criteria including a minimum 3. More examples The report carefully avoided any mention of the controversial plan. Graduating "With Honors" is a designation given to undergraduates at the culmination of their academic studies at the university, and it recognizes the students whose cumulative Grade Point Average GPA is the highest among the graduating class.

Faculty members who choose this option must state in their course syllabi if this option will be used.

More examples I'd rather you didn't mention it when we're in company. Student has demonstrated only a barely passing level of competence in meeting course objectives so that it is not necessary to repeat the course for credit. Similarly, the first names of characters in the book are mentioned over and over in a mostannoying fashion. Each semester CSU Stanislaus publishes a list of undergraduate honor students.

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Respondents mentioned several politician-owned companies which allegedly have never paid tax. CR Credit: College of Natural Sciences is home to a number of nationally-recognized teachers and researchers. Three grade points per unit of credit are awarded. Prebaccalaureate courses and courses with the administrative symbols: Written notification of such action shall provide the conditions for removal from probation and the circumstances which would lead to administrative-academic disqualification.