Who radio des moines web site

who radio des moines web site

Most commercial radio stations today "voice track" their DJ's by recording their voices ahead of time, or if there is a live DJ in the studio most stations do not actually play your request even if the station tells you to call in requests!

In 2011, Captain Jack Communications, Inc.

who radio des moines web site

Edge 88 radio is the official student radio station of Grand View University. Schools and Colleges. We now have 11 locations in Iowa and Nebraska. We utilize the latest test equipment and maintains an extensive inventory of Motorola parts.

Welcome to KFMG 98.9 FM!

Pleasant Omaha Sioux City Waterloo. Electronic Engineering is the leading provider of paging services, two-way radios, public safety lightbars and sirens and wireless broadband in Iowa and Nebraska. Ask for a demo of the Motorola XPR 3500e. Available with an active view display. Police Departments Find out about our solutions for Iowa and Nebraska police departments.

who radio des moines web site

This experience is what allows our clients to trust their online objectives can be met by working with our team. What makes Edge 88 unique is that the station actually has live DJ's sitting in the studio, ready to take your alternative rock requests.

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Since this beneficial transition, our office now has two locations:. Measuring under an inch thick, the Motorola SL300 is ultra-portable with a stubby antenna, curved edges and rugged frame. Visit Apply Contact. Serving more than 1000 businesses, we are both focused on building a better web presence for our clients and we specialize in website design in Iowa. We have our own factory trained staff of experienced service professionals who are totally committed to keeping your system performing at peak efficiency.

who radio des moines web site

Kids Radio Mania runs 7 a.