Who discovered chocolate milk

This Day In History. Address 2. Cacao trees are not indigenous to the Caribbean, The trees were brought to Jamaica from the American mainland by the Spanish and planted by slaves. The National Museum of American History.

who discovered chocolate milk

In 1873, Peter went to Guin, a canton of Fribourg, for the purpose of ordering a sugared condensed milk from the Anglo-Swiss there who had jut opened a branch of the Cham factory. As one can imagine, this was a difficult task for him as he had to teach students who were only one or two years his junior; nevertheless, he gave a good account of himself and his record is good on this score.

Chocolate milk is objectively delicious, whether cold, boxed, hot or malted.

Chocolate Milk Was Invented in Jamaica

Peter attended school and graduated there. The Spanish changed the word chocolatl to chocolate, just as they changed cacahuatl to cacao.

who discovered chocolate milk

With tireless effort, Peter worked out the desired proportions, the choice of the best cocoas from all over the world, searching for a proper balance between bitterness in the choice of the cocoa, or an exaggerated sweetness from too much sugar.

In fact, Cortez had a similar reaction to Sloan when served the bitter drink—he added spices and sugar to cut the bite.

How a physician invented chocolate milk in Jamaica and brought it to Europe

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Regardless of whether he was the original inventor of chocolate milk or not a subject which historians will argue about endlessly , Sir Hans Sloane does deserve the credit of bringing it to Europe. The following history information on Daniel Peter 1836-1919 , the inventory of milk chocolate was written by Francois Auguste Peter, Sr.

who discovered chocolate milk

Louis Ducret was responsible for conching and moulding. But, as with most things, the European who gets credit for inventing something probably did not actually invent it.

Much work took place and after having found the proper mixture of cocoa and milk — a mixture I was told was impossible to obtain — my tests, I thought, were successful.

who discovered chocolate milk

He also recognized that adding milk would add complimentary nutrition and make it taste better. Related story from us: In 1887, Daniel Peter adopted the original formula for what was to become the first successful milk chocolate in the entire world.

who discovered chocolate milk

That same year, the city of Vevey, Switzerland, was unable to supply sufficient milk nor a large enough labor force to meet the expansion of the Peter plant. Quickly, this new product took on extraordinary scope.