Who by fire turn

who by fire turn

Parents Guide. Then, some Redcoats stumbled upon the scene of the Redcoats that were massacred close to the end of the pilot episode, thanks to intelligence given about an attack planned on a Rebel safehouse by Abraham.

Angus Macfayden's Robert Rogers is a captivating mess of a man.

who by fire turn

Share This Story. I can't imagine anyone guessing that Joyce's killer was his gay lover, Robeson. Audible Download Audio Books. Start your free trial. Simcoe sees through his scheme and mocks the rebel cause. Clear your history. By Douglas Cobb on April 13, 2014 14 Comments. Anna takes a letter she finds to Abe, and read it aloud to him in a wooded area. TV Filed to: External Reviews.

Turn on AMC: Who By Fire (Recap/Review)

He attempts to wheedle information out of Simcoe over a civilized officer's dinner, but Simcoe's too clever and too loyal to his own cause to fall for it. Later, she meets Abe by an old oak tree where they used to meet as kids and reads parts of the letter aloud. Your officers. In the tavern cellar, Hewlett shows Rogers the barrels in which the bodies of the three fallen officers from the ambush are being kept.

Rogers then makes Abe give his word that he'll keep the arrangement with Robeson a secret and let him know if Robeson tries to flee, and gives Abe the Guy Fawkes silver coin for his trouble.

who by fire turn

Parents Guide: The scene where he forces the Woodhulls to aid him in a grisly sort of early autopsy on Captain Joyce was darkly comic, showing Rogers simultaneously at his best and worst.

Last week we saw Abe drawn into the spy game primarily for money, and this week his motivations were still primarily personal rather than political. Captain Simcoe should have probably been killed outright by Tallmadge and the other members of the Continental Army, instead of being taken prisoner. Ben and Caleb brutally interrogate Simcoe.

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Watch now. Richard Woodhull might suspect Anna of murdering Captain Joyce to the point of inventing evidence, but even he tries to keep her out of the way of Robert Rogers. Then the General arrives to stop the torture and threaten Tallmadge with court-martial.

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who by fire turn

Company Credits. Abe must discover who murdered a Royal Officer before Anna is framed for the crime.