What is moribund language

If speakers of two different language varieties can understand one another, their tongues are mutually intelligible and they are probably speaking different dialects of a single language. A repository that safeguards recordings of languages in various media and makes them available to users.


Tom Banse. News Datablog. Site By: History and Etymology for moribund Latin moribundus , from mori to die — more at murder. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts.

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Endangered languages: the full list

Back to top. Merriam-Webster unabridged. Need even more definitions? When a community gradually stops using a language and no longer passes it on to their children. Moribund is still sometimes used in its original literal sense of "approaching death", but it's much more often used to describe things. VOA Newscasts Latest program.

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what is moribund language

Critics may speak of the moribund state of poetry, or lament the moribund record or newspaper industry. Data journalism and data visualisations from the Guardian.

what is moribund language

If you're now using Inuktitut, it is reinforcing [that] this is your language. Search Search. Kudlow said. This graph shows the number of speakers in each of the languages by size of the box representing the language and then each language is grouped under the classification of how vulnerable it is:.

Technology Rescues Dying Languages

Any spoken variety of a language. As speakers use the language of prestige see language prestige more often, they stop passing on the indigenous language to children. March 04, 2012 7: Endangered languages: Language archive A repository that safeguards recordings of languages in various media and makes them available to users.

Tribal teens now texting in native tongue.

what is moribund language

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