What is hp fax error 350

what is hp fax error 350

The local machine is set to initiate poll reception with a remote machine, but detected that the remote machine is not configured to do this. If an error message or a numeric error code displays on the printer or in a fax log report, locate the error in the following tables for causes and solutions.

Error 350 HP Fax

Latest comments: Command following CNG was not valid. Resend the document as a normal fax, rather than attempting a BFT transfer.

what is hp fax error 350

If your product is covered by warranty, the support service maybe available for free from manufacturer. This is. Remove any pass-through devices from the phone line, and then try the fax again. HP Customer Support. I reviewed your post and understand that you are getting an error 350 when sending a fax. The user pressed the Stop key, causing the fax session to be prematurely terminated. Sign up! The product did not scan any pages, or it did not receive any pages from the computer to transmit a fax.

what is hp fax error 350

Ask the user of the remote machine to turn it off for 10 seconds, and then turn it back on. If the fax fails when sending to other machines, turn it off for 10 seconds, turn back on, and then try sending again. Configure the machine to start reception at a lower speed.

what is hp fax error 350

The user has disconnected the line after the voice session without continuing the fax session while in ECM mode. Just ask? Click Start Scan to find any Windows problems. No dial tone. There is too much noise on the line for a valid connection between two fax machines to complete.

HP Printers and Fax Machines - Fax Error Codes and Solutions

Confirm that the remote user has the correct password, and that the local machine is configured with the same password if this option is available. If faxes are successfully sent to and received from other machines, but not this particular remote machine, then the issue is probably a problem with the remote machine. A handshaking connection error occurred at some point in the process from the receiving fax machine.

You have polled a fax and it disconnects instead of sending a page.

Steps to Fix HP Printer Error Code and Messages by HP Printer Customer Support Team

Set in the ECM case if the printer fails to receive a completely correct page after all attempts to get the sender to resend the bad frames. The sender presses STOP as the sender starts to transmit.

what is hp fax error 350

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