Tappet noise when engine cold start protection

We have and enjoy our 2003 Ford thunderbird. Great fun except for the first 3 seconds after starting. If someone let the oil sit in the car for 6K miles that is 3 years and perhaps this is part of the problem.

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No luck so far. Please help! I can only find good results on the internet so there must be something they're not telling us, it can't be that good! Not the original owner. Thanks for the input The car has about 18,000 miles on it. S2Mike Original Poster 3,065 posts 88 months. Nothing more. It is caused by the eco warriors making the oil have less zinc in it and this problem is going to get worse.

The Cologne lump seems to really like it as I've always had nice, quiet tappets... Should I be concerned? Try one and see if it helps. I will try the synthetic oil! BMW i8: Jaguar F-Type rally car: Bentley Continental GT Convertible: Lots of people just assume old engines should use a 20w50, but that's a dangerous assumption. If the same clatter occurs after the car has been sitting for just an hour or so and then started, that would worry me more.

Oil Additives What Really Works. This is just my opinion and make of it what you will.

My first thought was piston slap, but the 3. Porkers are suffering similar problems. Hope this helps. With the exception of what I posted above regarding zinc in engines using flat-tappet cams, oil additives are a complete waste of money.